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Most of the pages in this section came from my old website, some have just been copied over to this new location but others have been re-worked and more will be added as I find the time.

There will also be a page of Links to various other sites of Wargaming and historical interest - I'm working on that but it just seems to get longer and more disorganised as I go.

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  2mm Wargaming - a brief Introduction Advice from an old hand ?  
  The Original DBA in 2mm article

The original on 20mm frontage bases

A set of illustrated articles written some years ago that, so I have been told, inspired a number of people to try 2mm for the first time.

I try to explain how and why I did things the way I did and give a few tips along the way.


Renaissance DBA in 2mm

The original on 20mm frontage bases

  DBA : 2mm on 15mm bases  
  Renaissance Principles of War in 2mm  
  Wargaming in smaller scales

A leaflet we use at shows to promote the 'Tiny Tin Troopers'. Contains a brief overview of 2mm-10mm and smaller Air and Naval scales. Includes lists of manufacturers. I try to keep it up to date but I know there are some non-UK manufacturers that are missing.

Two PDF's to download and distribute as you see fit :

A5 paged format

Click to view on-screen in a separate window

A5 booklet format

Right-click and 'Save Target As' for printing & stapling


6mm Wargaming Just a few notes at the moment but I'll get back to it when I have time.  


  Irregular Miniatures 2mm blocks : A descriptive and visual catalogue  
  Irregular Miniatures 2mm Terrain : A descriptive and visual catalogue

Someone has also posted some very well painted shots of this range in the Photos section of the 2mm Yahoo Group

  Heroics & Ros 6mm ranges : some images of pack contents  

I'm working on these and re-doing the images so not all of the links may work properly all the time  

Galleries : Some photos of my armies


Not all of these are completed (OK, most of them aren't) but they give an idea of the extent of my wargaming and painting interests as they stand at present.


Most of my 2mm collection can be seen in the Articles section above



I'm slowly building more armies in this scale. They are pretty quick to paint and relatively inexpensive but there are just so many of them !!!

  The Zulu War 1879 A project that started as a show demo game. Once I re-do the rules (called Impi & Empire) I many even finish the armies.  
NEW Renaissance

I've had this pile of H&R Renaissance figures for a while but only really got inspired to paint them recently. I'm using the new version of Maximillian (sort of DBA with attitude).

I've had the armies finished for a few months now and finally got to taking some pics and getting them up here.

WW2 - France 1940 The one period of WW2 that has consistently interested me. About 2 years ago I started to put together the forces I'd need to play this using the Lightning War ruleset. I'm still working on the rule 'tweaking' and unit organisation - I promise myself I'll start the painting soon (but then I lie a lot).  
HoTT Fantasy I never really though I'd do a Fantasy army but HoTT is almost DBA and I play a lot of that so it doesn't really count. These are mostly Irregular figures (and not all from the Fantasy ranges) and I really did them because I wanted an Irregular army or two to go with the H&R and Baccus ones I'm building.  
War of the Spanish Succession These will be done using Baccus figures and the GaPa rules. Some of the units completed are in the Galleries section on the main site but I just can't seem to find the time to do the rest so that we can have a go at the rules.  

This was definitely 'scale of choice' for many years but somehow I got very few armies painted

Early Medieval I planned a collection of DBA armies for the 'Dark Ages' in Britain MANY years ago and have only a few to go now  
Medieval I'm including this as a gallery item in the hope that it might inspire me to actually get some of the huge pile of figures from Normans to Gendarmes painted - some hope, I've had some of them for more than 20 years.  
Thirty Years War I started these to add to the collection of a gaming pal but he extended his armies so fast these became redundant so I ended up selling them  
Other scales  
54mm Gladiators The figures to go with yet another set of home-written rules - 'Ave Nemesis'. I demonstrated them at a couple of shows but never got any further with either the rules or the rest of the Irregular 54mm gladiators that I bought  

My interest in Naval warfare goes back a long way but, although I have ships from almost all periods I don't seem to manage to get any fleets completed

NEW Pre-Dreadnoughts I managed to get these done in a relatively short time and use them with a modified version of Phil Barker's 'Damn Battleships Again' rules (original available here)  

These are the old Gallia 1/3000th scale - Borlase did some very similar more recently but sadly both are now OOP.

I also have some Hallmark 1/2400th ones that have been part-painted for years.


Hallmark 1/2400th scale - They paint up quite well. One day I'll get them finished but I need some inspiration from a decent (but simple) set of rules that really have the 'feel' of the era.

I picked up some of the Tumbling Dice ships for this period at Fiasco - very nice indeed and reasonably well in scale with the Hallmark stuff but sturdier and less prone to the broken masts that have plagued my Hallmark ships.

Other Projects

Some of the crazier ideas I've had


3mm Sci-Fi

Germy's Micro-Minis just caught my imagination and I had to have some - absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with them.

I'm having more ideas about these now - hex-based game using the hexes from the Heroscape game (picked up cheap).


GZG Spaceships

Spaceships - I ask you, what is a hardened historical gamer doing buying spaceships.

I honestly can't think of any excuse but that they were on offer and I needed some more of Germy's Micro-Minis from GZG.