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Publications for Wargamers

We plan to gradually expand our range of publications produced with wargamers in mind to include other information booklets and, eventually, wargame rules.

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At the moment all our existing and planned publications will be self-published works, ink-jet printed on demand using high-quality, heavyweight paper and wire bound. This means that we can offer good quality publications at an affordable price

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A Wargamer's Armorial : Vol. 1 - England

A fully illustrated 35 page booklet (27 full colour plates) of Medieval English Arms


Price 20 plus shipping


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Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to use this method, just a credit card


If you are in the UK and prefer to pay by cheque then a printable order form is available HERE.

All orders of the Armorial now come with a separately printed index to all the arms in the book. This also available as a PDF download.

We are always looking for new ventures in publications and we will be happy to discuss hosting works produced by other authors here at TTT. If you have a publication (finished or still in preparation) why not send us a few details, maybe we can work together to bring your 'Magnum Opus' to the wargaming public.