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Quality pre-cut bases made from 2mm MDF backed with magnetic sheet in a large range of sizes.

Magnetic backed card sheets in three thicknesses for gamers to cut their own bases from.

and now ...

Flight Base kits (from Mongoose Publishing)

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Download price lists of all our packs of magnetic bases in PDF format.

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We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to accept cheques in payment for our goods. With banks no longer guaranteeing them we have had no choice but to stop taking them.

All packs are priced to include 2nd class postage/airmail so that you can see exactly how much you are paying for the bases you order.

All packs can now be ordered and paid for using a 'one click' purchase system from the PayPal shopping cart.


   2mm MDF Bases


The original Standard (2mm MDF) range with 63 packs of 23 different base sizes (from 20x20mm up to 100x100mm) and three different pack sizes.

Included are standard bases for a large range of wargaming rules (DBX, Armati, Principles of War, Polemos, WAB and many others)


   Card Base Sheets


Attempting to find a new supplier of the card but no luck so far.

Our range of superior magnetic backed card sheets in a range of three thicknesses and pack sizes.

Cut your own bases and save a few bob.


   Other Magnetics

  Flex-O-Metal &  Magnetic Sheets  

   Base Specs & FAQ


Some pictures of our bases and full details of the materials used.

NOW with full details of our NEW range of card basing sheets and other magnetic products and advice on using them.



  Can't find a pack you like ? Then we can cut bases to your specification or make up a pack with the bases you need.  

   Flight Bases


Our NEWEST range : Flight base kits with a ball & socket joint that allows the model to be removed from the stand for easier storage and transport. Available in 50mm & (sorry, 50mm out of stock) 30mm stand diameters & each comes with 2 different heights.