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While we will continue to expand the range of 'Standard' packs that we supply we can't expect to meet every individual wargamer's needs so we also offer bases cut and packed to meet your particular requirements.

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We welcome enquiries for base sizes and pack compositions not listed on the other pages of this section and will do our best to make what you want.
We can make rectangular bases from 20mm square to 160mm square (or imperial measurements if you prefer those) and make up packs to your own requirements at similar prices to those listed.

Prices will be quoted including postage so please tell me where they being sent so I can accurately calculate shipping costs. For some larger orders savings can also be made if you don't mind waiting for a slower service, such as Courier 'Economy' services.

We will supply any combination of bases that you want, no matter what the composition of the pack. As a general rule, the more you buy, the less each base costs.

There is a minimum order of 10 for custom base orders, excluding postage.

We can also supply thicker MDF bases (approximately 4.5mm thick) which may be preferable for larger base sizes or mounting larger figures.

We can also supply custom sized Flex-metal sheets to fit storage cabinets, drawers or travelling boxes.

Movement Trays

Because gamers' requirements are so varied we do all orders for movement trays as custom orders. Prices are much the same as for similar sized bases and you can choose between 2mm and 3.5mm MDF as the substrate.

Movement trays can be made with either Flex-O-Metal or magnetic surface.

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